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Thomas W Kuppler

My photography strives to understand the dichotomy between the visible and the invisible. The hidden. The constant interaction between the visible and invisible is creating tensions within my work, which serve the viewer only ambiguously, simultaneously engaging the audience with an experience of revelation and concealment.

My approach tends toward the poetic, cultivating linguistic nuance, even as this is balanced by a control of conceptual and theoretical rigor. A tendency to final abstraction is a natural consequence of these explorations. Borders between photograph, painting and object become fluid, themselves approaching invisibility.

[the artist] gives something for the eye to feed on, but he invites the person to whom this picture is presented to lay down his gaze there as one lays down one’s weapons. (Lacan)

Born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany (*1961), I moved to London in 1992. I have since been practicing as a fine artist, predominantly working with mixed media. I had several group and single shows worldwide and graduated with a MA Photography (distinction) from Central Saint Martins, UAL in 2014.

• Studies:

2014: MA Photography Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts; London (distinction)

• Work:

present – Self-employed artist: working with painting, mixed media, photo and video

• Main exhibitions:

2015 Wall Space Gallery photography
2014 International Photography Festival Pingyao
2013 “Perception” photography
2012 Interama 012 photography
2012 “On Being Different and the Same at the Same Time” UAL London, UK

2012 Group Show

2011 “Dazed and Refused” “chou” (cabbage)

“The Golden Age” 2010 “Conventional Wisdom” 2010 “Group Show”

2010 videos & art installation
2008 “recycle 9707 –Solo Show
2007 Arthertz -“Retro Future with John Foxx

mixed media 2004 “confusion” – Solo Show mixed media 2003 “juxtaposition”–Solo Show mixed media

• Publications:

2015 – Gold Award Winner – Photography ArtForwardContest 2 2014 – long listed “Saatchi New Sensations Prize 2014”

mixed media

mixed media mixed media

painting painting mixed media

Arch Gallery – London

Huwundeki Cafe – London
Art Contemporain au CEFFPA Strasbourg, France
Icosahedron Gallery NewYork, USA

Icosahedron Gallery NewYork, USA

Radial Art Contemporain Gallery Strasbourg, France

Santa Barbara, USA
Raw Artspace, New York, USA Olomouc, Czech Republic

mixed media, video Arttrail E17-London

mixed media

Yookoso – Lausanne, Switzerland

Fulham Palace – London

Erco & Il Bottacio – London Germany Embassy – London

thomas w kuppler “CV” March 2015

2014 – long listed “Format Festival” 2015

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